How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website With Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is great for driving more traffic to your website. I’m sure we all remember when Google Ad-words first started… I sure do. They offered very cheap advertising opportunities, sometimes as little as 1 cent per click generated. Those were good times, but now, you most likely couldn’t get a click for any less than 1 dollar and 50 cents. That’s a problem because you won’t have a very high profit margin, if any. So guess what? Facebook is the new Google Ad-words. They are relatively new and cheap to run ads with,making it easier to increase website traffic.Follow these easy steps to drive more traffic to your website with Facebook advertising:Bid on long tail keywords. A long tail keyword is much more targeted towards your buyers then a broad keyword. You see, the more targeted you are with your keywords, the better quality your traffic will be. So if you were targeting the keyword make money online, a long tail version of that word would be make money online with affiliate marketing programs. Do you see how different this is? It is much easier to get in-front of people who are actually interested in what you offer when you target the long tail.Increased website traffic will only come if people click on your ad. So, write a very compelling headline that targets your potential prospects emotional hot spots. Use words that cause emotion. For example, “Break the 9 to 5 Rat Race and Make Money From Home.” This entire phrase offers hope to your website visitors. Make sure that you offer some real training that’s about internet marketing and not some fake pyramid scam.Write a very detailed description. If you hope to drive more traffic to your website, you need to be very specific with your ads. What do you have to offer? How can you help them once they click your ad? These are questions that, if answered correctly, will cause your target audience to click your ad. Facebook advertising is great for allowing you to create very nice ad descriptions. Take advantage of this.Website traffic will never increase if you don’t place your keywords in the correct positions on your Facebook ad. Make sure that you have 2 keywords in the headline, and 2-3 in the website description. This will ensure that you get the attention of your target audience. Increasing website traffic with Facebook advertising is definitely the new golden egg.